External Insulation

If the pipes were on the cold side of a massive wall and then externally insulated over it should be safe enough from guys with drills.

We sealed the window openings of the Kilcloon Passive House with OSB board and did the first airtightness test today with a result of 0.56ac@50kP without membranes or tapes just silicone. We found it much easier than using tapes and membranes, there were 2 guys on site for 2 days after the timber frame was erected so we think we saved close to €5k in time and materials by using this method. We used tongue and grooved OSB for the roof with silicone in the groove and this was tight as a drum.

So thanks FTom for the idea for sandwiching the silicone between the rafter and OSB.

Silicone in the groove! We’re convinced now of this method and will use it in future, our builders love it because they’ve been through dishearthening airtightness tests before trying to do it from the inside using membranes/tapes, often getting the same result in the evening after a days work. So next step is to try to get it down a bit forther and maybe go for the Irish record of 0.15 and then fit the windows next week. All the plumbing and electrics will be done without touching the airtightness layer and all services come in through the slab.

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